MVB Edge Ventures

Investing in the Future of Fintech


At MVB, we aren’t just banking the Financial Frontier, we’re building it.


Victor is building a Fintech AND Bank-friendly Banking-as-a-Service software to embed banking and payments functionality into any application in a matter of weeks. We are building Victor to provide a holistic Risk Management platform for banks and a program management dashboard for Fintechs. This will speed the launch of individual programs primed for exponential growth.  

With Victor, banks will get the insight and tools needed to manage the risk of this increasingly complex breed of partnership at scale, so their focus can turn to quickly and compliantly delivering the solutions that match their Fintech partners’ vision of the future. And for Fintechs, Victor provides developer-focused APIs that streamline integrations to a menu of financial services necessary to build new experiences and execute quickly.

Charles Crupper
SVP, Engineering

Maf Sonko
SVP, Strategy & Operations