QR Codes

QR code scams involve criminals placing fake QR codes in public places or sending them via phishing emails and text messages.

To verify the authenticity of a QR code, follow these steps:
1. Examine the source: Check where you received the QR code. Is it from a trusted and legitimate source, such as an official website or a reputable business?
2. Analyze the content: Look at the information the QR code is supposed to provide. Does it match the context in which you received it? Be cautious if it promises unusually high discounts or incentives.
3. Scan with caution: Before scanning, consider using a QR code scanner app that provides a preview of the URL or content the code will open. This can help you avoid malicious links.
4. Cross-reference: If in doubt, conduct an online search to verify the legitimacy of the offer or promotion associated with the QR code. Check official websites or contact the business directly.

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